Palestra - Nomon: A Single-Switch Interface for Assistive Technology

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  • Qua, 29 Jul. 14:00 - 15:00 (UTC-3)
  • Tamara Broderick - EECS/CSAIL/MIT
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Nomon is our open-source software designed to allow single-switch communication, drawing, gaming, and other GUI usage for individuals with severe motor impairments (e.g. patients with cerebral palsy, locked-in syndrome, etc). Nomon uses Bayesian machine learning and modified kernel density estimation to adapt automatically to an individual's switch activation ("clicking") ability. In particular, Nomon (automatically) allows a person who clicks precisely to make a selection quickly and allows a person who clicks imprecisely more time to make a selection without error. Initial user studies demonstrate the usefulness of Nomon in practice. We are currently working on conducting longer-time-scale user studies in both able-bodied and motor-impaired populations to better understand the performance of Nomon.