Welcome to SEM2Ap!

The Week of Mathematical Engineering and Applied Mathematics (SEM2Ap, in portuguese) is an event organized by students of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro that seeks to bring, in a high level, the exploration and dissemination of Mathematics and its applications and debates of relevant subjects in its scope. The first editions of the event were named Week of Applied Mathematics and happend in 2006 and 2009.

After 11 years, in 2020, the B.Sc. in Mathematical Engineering was created and some older students of Applied Mathematics decided to revive the event in order to welcome those new stundets, who were not allowed to have the so valuable social interaction in the academic enviroment because of the Covid-19 pandemics. This edition happened in a totally remote way and was the first with international guests. After 2020 it's expected that the event happens once a year.

Here you can explore what happened in all recent editions of SEM2Ap!