3ʳᵈ Week of Mathematical Engineering and Applied Mathematics

The Week of Mathematical Engineering and Applied Mathematics is an event organized by applied mathematics and mathematical engineering students of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, having the main objective to promote and discuss mathematics..

Name’s history

The first edition of SeMAp (Semana de Matemática Aplicada), took place in 2006, as a student initiative. After that, the second edition only happened in 2009. Marcelo Viana, Maria Eulália Vares, and many other Brazilian researchers attended these editions.

In 2020, thanks to the creation of the course of Mathematical Engineering at UFRJ, the event has returned and got an extra M, now being called SEM²Ap (Semana de Engenharia Matemática e Matemática Aplicada). This edition is longer than the others, having 5 days of duration and counting with the participation of academics from different countries at seminars, lectures, round tables, and much more.


From July 27, 2020 to July 31, 2020


Live at SEM²Ap's YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/semapYT). All events are going to be recorded.

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